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      As the caregiver for my 93 year old mother, I was looking to remodel my bathroom to make it safer for her.  The shower was dark and narrow.  The tile was slick so it was slippery.  To enter the shower she had to step over a 3 1/2 inch entrance which offset her balance making it unsafe and making her scared.

      Adapt=Ability was sought out for their expertise through this process.  The initial step was laying out a floor plan ensuring that the bathroom would have sufficient room for a walker and wheelchair access.  The tile they recommended had a texture to decrease the chance of slipping.  Adapt=Ability consulted with my contractor (one they used before) in recommending a straight walk in access to the shower.  Mom can now walk into the shower with her walker.  Looking to the future this will also allow a shower chair to be rolled into the stall.  Once in the shower, Mom holds onto an ADA approved grab bar for stability whole lowering herself onto the stationary shower chair.  The handheld shower hose which is attached to the grab bar allows for some independence in bathing yet does not give the appearance of medical equipment.  The control for the water has a temperature preset so that it is consistently a comfortable degree and relieves the fear of burning herself.  The rain shower head allows other family members to enjoy the shower too.

      I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my bathroom. Adapt=Ability assisted throughout the entire project.  They were very professional, knowledgeable, and provided suggestions that I would have never considered.  I highly recommend consulting with them and I plan on using them again for my next project, the master bathroom!            E.F.                                      


Hello Shirley and Kathleen,

Thank you for your home safety assessment and recommendations.  I implemented a number of the suggested changes and it has really made my daily routine safer.  For example, you suggested that I move the washer and dryer from the detached garage to an adjacent patio area closer to the house.  By making this change, doing the laundry is much easier for me.  I also removed the hallway throw rug (runner) at your suggestion and I have avoided tripping or falling in my home.  There are more modifications in the works.  I appreciate your thorough and expert opinion regarding in-home safety.  Your guidance and expertise has been invaluable.  I am grateful for your excellent work and strongly recommend home safety assessments and recommendations be completed for any seniors who are living independently.  Keep up the good work!       Sincerely, J.N.


Home Accessibility & Modification Consultants

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Kathleen and Shirley's expert advice comes clearly from years of experience in physical rehabilitation as well as current knowledge of the ever expanding resources for adaptive modifications and construction.  I am a physical therapist myself, but I didn't think of or know of materials, strategies, concepts and design ideas that they were able to contribute to the design of our guest home for my father.  Their contribution is well worth the investment because they help minimize lost opportunity or additional future expenses when planning for the accessibility of your home modification project.             Carla ~ Santa Clarita